IRONMAN 4×4 2.5 Awning Xtra Weathershield



  • The Ironman 4×4 Awning Xtra simply attaches to the sail track of an awning.
  • With side roll-up wings it allows for more airflow in hot weather climates
  • Built from 280gsm weatherproof ripstop poly-cotton for maximum durability 
  • Flexible nylon joints bend under harsh weather without damaging the awning tracks 
  • 1000D PVC cover that’s fully waterproof to protect the awing from harsh elements during travel 
  • UV50+ rated to keep you out of the harsh sun Glow-in-the-dark guy ropes make it much harder to trip or snag on 
  • Integrated LED lighting with built-in dimmer for precise lighting in any setting 


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